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Black Police Association Charitable Trust

The Black Police Association Charitable Trust (BPACT) Voyage Programme engages young people and families from black and minority ethnic communities with a view to reducing youth crime and nurturing young advocates, who will actively promote safer cities and cohesive neighbourhoods. The programme operates in London Boroughs experiencing high levels of youth violence and social deprivation, and seeks to actively reduce the number of first ti

me entrants into the Criminal Justice System.

Historically the MPS has experienced difficulties in maintaining meaningful and productive engagement with Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Communities, particularly young people. Arguably Voyage provides a vital bridge between London’s black communities and the police service increasing the levels of trust and confidence and changing perceptions.

These positive benefits provided to challenged and disaffected communities are an example of the MPS and MetBPA working together to improve the lives of BME communities and should be seen as a positive contribution to reducing offending and improving life chances for young Londoners.

Serious youth violence and gangs continues to be a significant issue for Londoners and engaging with young people and empowering them to make the right decisions is crucial. The Voyage Programme aims to develop leadership skills in young people from BME communities in crime hotspots across London.

Voyage seeks to develop an understanding of the surrounding environment, foster a sense of belonging in society, develop character and responsibility, change attitudes and perception of crime, increase trust and confidence in the police and raise awareness of the impact of violent crime. As such it is in line with the aims and objectives of the Mayor’s Time for Action strategy to equip people for the future and prevent violence.