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Women’s Forum

The Metropolitan Black Police Association Women’s Forum is about promoting equality for women whilst providing encouragement and support to members. The forum is made up of members who have volunteered their time, in order to put on events, provide opportunities for networking, highlight issues affecting women in the workplace. This

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Celebration of Life Concert

To see the photos from the concert please click this link. Celebration of Life concert – each year the MetBPA hosts a concert to spread the word of peace. This is one way of how the arts can be used to engage young people in the issues that affect them, how

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Community Bus

This involved visiting hotspots with the community bus which contained relevant information about the communities rights, local initiatives that they can become involved in and relevant contacts for their area. Members of the younger community were invited onto the bus to have a discussion about violent crime and drugs. The

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In Community

The Metropolitan Black Police Association (MetBPA) is committed to ensuring that the black communities of London receive the best possible service from the Metropolitan Police. In partnership with the community we help to identify weaknesses in police service delivery and in turn help facilitate solutions. Our Community Action programme provides

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Revival is the Metropolitan Black Police Association’s ant-violence programme which focuses on the reduction of violence within the black community. The initiative encourages individuals from local communities to engage locally to find solutions. The philosophy underpinning Revival is based on a ‘Public Health Approach’ to violence as defined by the

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Black Police Association Charitable Trust

The Black Police Association Charitable Trust (BPACT) Voyage Programme engages young people and families from black and minority ethnic communities with a view to reducing youth crime and nurturing young advocates, who will actively promote safer cities and cohesive neighbourhoods. The programme operates in London Boroughs experiencing high levels of youth

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Young Black Positive Advocates

Young Black Positive Advocates (YBPA) Report: 2012 This report will cover the period from January to December 2012. It will highlight the activities, progress made by the YBPA. It will also outline any recommendations I feel need to be implemented. It has been a difficult year with regards to progress

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Course Name: Horizons Personal Development Programme Horizons is delivered by VOYAGE and is aimed at those young people who are already within the Youth justice system. Horizons is provided through Youth Offending Services across London. Aim: Personal Leadership Development Objectives: Build participant’s confidence & leadership capacity Engage/re engage participants with

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Young Leaders for Safer Cities

What is Young Leaders for Safer Cities (YLFSC)? AIMS OF THE PROGRAMME Youth engagement and participation in leadership is an area schools are increasingly seeking to include within the curriculum. YLFSC is an Edexcel accredited BTEC short course developed by the Metropolitan Black Police Association Voyage Team. The programme aims to:

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Youth Programs

The Metropolitan Black Police Association delivers Youth Engagement programmes under Voyage to young people from BME backgrounds across London. The Youth programmes is directed by our charity which sits under which is the Black Police Association Charitable Trust.