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Youth Programs

The Metropolitan Black Police Association delivers Youth Engagement programmes under Voyage to young people from BME backgrounds across London. The Youth programmes is directed by our charity which sits under which is the Black Police Association Charitable Trust.

Barber Shops

Barbershop/Hairdressers initiative – this is an on-going initiative that will involve local barbershops and hairdressers in the Trident hot spots. They are asked to contribute to keeping London safe from violent crime. Barbershops and Hair salons are one of the major hubs of community life and information. Barbers and hair stylists

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VOYAGE (Voice of the Youth and Genuine Empowerment) PROGRAMME  VOYAGE (Voice of the Youth and Genuine empowerment) deliver a number of programmes for young people from BME backgrounds (please note the demographic that we work with is specified by our funders and is also due to the ethos of the

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​Met police to modernise its rank structure

As part of plans to transform the organisation, the Metropolitan Police Service has decided to phase out two of its eleven ranks by summer 2018. The rank of Commander will not appear in the new leadership model, and the Met will also move to a single inspecting rank, removing the

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Commissioner to retire from MPS

Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe is to retire after five years as the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police. He will stay in his post until February 2017 to allow the Home Secretary and the Mayor of London to appoint a successor. Sir Bernard was appointed to the role on 12 September, 2011.

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