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Celebration of Life Concert

To see the photos from the concert please click this link.

Celebration of Life concert – each year the MetBPA hosts a concert to spread the word of peace. This is one way of how the arts can be used to engage young people in the issues that affect them, how the criminal justice system works and how to build upon the relationship with the police.

This is a family concert and has an audience of different generations and background. The concerts have been held in prestigious locations such as the Barbican and The Royal Festival Hall. These are venues that are not normally attended by black audiences as these locations have a reputation of only appealing to a certain audience.

These venues remind all Londoners that venues such as these are open to everyone and not to a select few. The performers are predominantly black British artists. The range of music covers all different genres. The band is made up of the best black musicians. All performers and musicians are supportive of what Revival stands for and this is there way of contributing to the message and the solutions.

The concert is also used as a platform to remember the young people who have died needlessly through violent crime namely gun and knife crime. Members of the audience are families of the victims and the concert remembers them and their loss. The audiences are reminded of how precious life is and how there is a need to celebrate each day of life. It is a time to celebrate being a member of a family, a community and our own precious life.

The concert also celebrates the achievements of the young people and how there is a need to remember their aspirations, their dreams and how we can help them to achieve this. The concert touches each person who attends and in some instances have galvanised them into doing something for young people, their community and their family.

To see the photos from the concert please click this link.