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Faith Groups

Local Churches and other faith groups – People of all faiths are encouraged to participate by promoting peace and the end to violence. They are encouraged to prepare sermons and prepare lessons around peace and how the church can get involved. Many churches want to become more involved in the problems facing their congregation and the wider community, however they needed guidance as to how to go about it. A pack has been designed specifically for the churches to show how they can become involved in spreading the word.

Premier Christian radio is a main part of Revival. Throughout October they run a series of programmes to speak about peace, violence in the community and how the churches can assist in becoming a part of the solution. Speakers are invited onto various shows to talk about what initiatives they are running and how it can benefit all. They are aimed at different audiences but the message is always the same, how to become involved in community initiatives and how to become a part of the solution. Premier radio has also run a couple of live shows to gauge the feelings of the community direct. The show was popular and gave members of the community a chance to voice their concerns direct to the wider audience and to other churches.