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Course Name: Horizons Personal Development Programme

Horizons is delivered by VOYAGE and is aimed at those young people who are already within the Youth justice system. Horizons is provided through Youth Offending Services across London.


Personal Leadership Development


  • Build participant’s confidence & leadership capacity
  • Engage/re engage participants with benefits of education/lifelong learning
  • To reduce the risk of social exclusion
  • To reduce the risk of re offending
  • Build self esteem
  • Build trust in self and others including those working in public or voluntary agencies

Recruitment criteria:

  • Young people between the ages 13 to 16 years old
  • lack & Minority Ethnic groups
  • Level of offender: low
  • Ability to engage with group work and individual work
  • YOTs support the programme with the signposting of services that support young people’s action plans

Course Schedule;

  • This is predominantly an eight week programme run consecutively over that period of time (however bespoke sessions can be created to meet the needs of particular YOTS i.e. horizons delivered twice a week for 4 weeks.
  • Predominantly 2 hours per session held in the evenings from 4pm onwards.

Learning Outcomes:

Identify participant’s personal development, education and career aspirations and the skills & knowledge required to achieve them – personal leadership development

  • Participants identify forms of learning for academic/vocational success
  • Raise awareness of risk factors for BME youth
  • Identify outcomes of peer pressure/gang involvement
  • Map goals, future aspirations and create an action plan,
  • Participants’ develop an action plan
  • Participants’ identify the steps necessary to implement the plan
  • Participant’s attend follow up sessions with achievements from their action plans

HORIZONS personal development and life skills programme

been in trouble with the Police, or kicked out of school?

Have you been in trouble with the Police, been kicked out of or in trouble at school and need help to refocus or achieving personal targets?

Well HORIZONS could be the programme just for you.
HORIZONS is a programme for BME young offenders who want to turn their life around, but feel they need some support to do this.

The Programme will:

  • Better your chances in education, training or work with personal development & leadership skills
  • Provide mentoring & coaching support, for solutions to challenges you may face
  • Provide information regarding who can help you, how you can help yourself and where to go to get this info?

HORIZONS personal development and life skills programme (PDF 1984 KB)