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Metropolitan Black Police Association Position Statement – Taser

The Metropolitan Black Police Association support the lawful and ethical use of Taser and recognise its importance in keeping both officers and members of the community safe.

We support the comprehensive and robust training package which the Metropolitan Police currently delivers to specially trained officers which meets or exceeds national standards.

Where body worn video is available it must be used for every encounter in so far as is reasonably practicable at the time. This footage should be properly indexed, downloaded and made available to the individual subjected to the use of force upon request.

It is incumbent upon every officer that each and every use of force is conducted with the highest professionalism and with regard for an individual’s dignity and in accordance with their human rights. Each and every use of force must be fully justifiable within existing laws and comprehensively recorded in accordance with force guidelines.

It is also incumbent upon the Metropolitan Police to properly communicate and engage with communities and to be cognisant of their concerns regarding the use of Taser during any further roll out to officers.