Welcome to our website

Women’s Network

Welcome to the MBPA Women’s Forum, and congratulation in taking the first step in exploring our web pages.

You will note that it is fairly limited in content, that is because we are just re-launching this site and are looking for you the female (and male) MBPA members to volunteer your contribution in order to make the site an exciting and informative forum.

As chair of the BMPAWF I would welcome input from the membership. It is my wish that we can focus on those issues that are of concern to you, in your career or in developing networking opportunities both in a business and social arena.

As part of my election statement I promised to regenerate the MBPAWF. However, you will be well aware that the strength or success of a forum is reliant on its membership and key participants. That is why I am requesting your support and participation to move our forum forward.

The Forum’s Terms of Reference are:

To monitor compliance of MPS Diversity policies and practices as they affect members
To monitor the demographics of business units in relation to BME.
To create a supportive network, which will assist and encourage MBPA female members in achieving their aspiration.
Please contact me if you are interested in becoming a key forum member who will be willing to make contributions to the forum content.