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Young Leaders for Safer Cities

What is Young Leaders for Safer Cities (YLFSC)?


Youth engagement and participation in leadership is an area schools are increasingly seeking to include within the curriculum.

YLFSC is an Edexcel accredited BTEC short course developed by the Metropolitan Black Police
Association Voyage Team. The programme aims to:

  1. Nurture young leaders from local communities to support and improve their communities; to tackle issues of crime; and assist the improvement of services from local public and private sector providers to the community.
  2. Help young people navigate their way through the issues of governance, leadership, community social responsibility and citizenship.
  3. Ensure that the voices of young people are heard and listened to, and that they are seen as contributors to successful community life that supports racial harmony, community and cross-borough cohesion.

To read more please download/open the following brochure.

Young Leaders for Safer Cities (YLFSC)? (PDF 3069 KB)