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Response to HMIC PEEL: Police Legitimacy 2016 – an Inspection of the Met

The Metropolitan Police Service accepts the findings of HMIC’s report.

Legitimacy is absolutely vital to the British model of policing by consent. It enables us work with Londoners to keep this city safe despite the challenges and difficult decisions officers face daily. Such public confidence is dependent on us being fair, ethical and lawful.

We accept the rating of ‘Good’ as the overall judgment of this report, but recognise that issues have been raised and we are already taking steps to address the findings.

Whilst HMIC has highlighted areas for improvement, we are pleased the report acknowledges we are committed to treating the people we serve with fairness and respect, and regularly and effectively engage with the public we serve.

The inspection recognises that the MPS responds well to feedback provided by its communities and clearly demonstrates what it is doing.

The report identifies that the MPS organisational values of integrity, professionalism, courage and passion supports our vision to make London the safest global capital city and that we generally provide a good service, with complaints from members of the public significantly below that of the England and Wales.

Chief Superintendant Matt Gardner, Directorate of Professional Standards, said: “We accept the findings of the HMIC report regarding our anti-corruption prevention work and note that the HMIC has not identified any causes for concern and has therefore made no specific recommendations but has, however, indicated some areas for improvement.

“We acknowledge that, whilst our anti-corruption investigations are of a high standard, something the HMIC recognised themselves in last years PEEL assessment, there is always more work that can be done.

“We are developing ways to take this forward but it is indeed a challenge within our current resource levels as these are necessarily prioritised towards investigation of current intelligence and allegations.”

News source: http://news.met.police.uk/